Training, Conferences, Seminars, Continuing Education

Associations and Organizations

The DVOMB has no statutory authority to approve trainers or pre-approve classes.

This list is only designed to be a resource.

Colorado Victim Assistance Academy

    • Provides basic victim advocacy training to persons working with victims of crime. 
    • Curriculum includes the entire scope of victim services enhanced to address unique and specific issues in Colorado.

Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance Training 

  • Provides monthly training organized and facilitated by COVA at their facility
  • Training are free to active COVA members. 
  • Topics vary each month to address the needs of the membership. Examples of training topics include: Colorado Victim Rights Amendment, Cultural Considerations in Victim Assistance, Legal Privilege for Victim Advocates, and Understanding Vicarious Trauma.

CCADV Calendar of Events

    • The tab Community Resources, Calendar of Events lists the monthly calendar activities such as:
    • Webinars, full and half day onsite training 
    • Community events and other training opportunities

Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault 303-861-7033

    • Offers training at no cost to active members and a fee for non-members. An example of topics include: Basic Advocacy for Survivors of Sexual  Assault, Intersections Between Stalking and Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner Sexual Violence, and Prevention of Sexual Violence.

National Center for Victims of Crime 

    • Offers conferences, training, and free Webinars.