Domestic Violence Training

Trainings Sponsored by the DVOMB in 2017:


To attend any of the above trainings, register and pay online by credit card or electronic check 
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Instructions for Registering Online 
  1. First, create a new student account (unless you already have one)
  2. Click on "Course Catalog"
  3. Under "Domestic Violence Offender Management Board, click on the training name
  4. Click on "Register"--to the right of the training you wish to attend. (If there is a fee for the training, select to pay by credit card or electronic check ONLY.)
  5. An email confirmation will automatically be sent to you.

Trainings Sponsored by Others:

Webinar & Training Videos

  • Interstate Compact and DV Treatment Webinar - In 2000, the Colorado legislature passed C.R.S 14-24.1-101 regarding out-of-state offenders that directly affect programs that treat domestic violence offenders. The statue requires any residential or outpatient treatment program to notify the Colorado Interstate Compact Office whenever an out-of-state offender enrolls in a domestic violence offender treatment program. 
           This affects all domestic violence offender treatment programs because in order to identify clients who are out-of-state offenders, 
            treatment program will have to ask all potential clients whether they have been convicted of or have agreed to a deferred 
            judgment, deferred sentence, or deferred prosecution for a crime in another state.

            There is no cost to view this webinar. Once you have completed this webinar, please go to Survey Monkey to complete the survey 
             and print your certificate of completion.