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Advocate Information
                    There is also a web page just for Victim Advocates.
Probation Information
 Treatment Provider Information
Child Protective Services (CPS) and DV Offender Treatment.
                 The following are resources if your work also involves CPS
Additional resources are available on The DVOMB Standards web page.
Information Series Brochures - 2013
 Domestic Violence Task Forces Around Colorado
Do you have a Success Story?

An implementation success is a creative and collaborative strategy (perhaps even cost saving) that is being successfully used in the field of domestic violence offender management. Tell us how you and your colleagues overcame a challenge to providing a high quality domestic violence offender service. Perhaps you found a new venue to provide training's in dv issues to the community or formed a local task force to solve a particularly "thorny" systemic issue. Perhaps your county did not have enough approved DV providers and several agencies collaborated on a successful recruitment strategy. Whatever it was, if you are proud of your efforts, we want to hear about it!

Please send us your inspiring stories by fax, e-mail, or postal mail. If by email, be sure to write "Implementation Successes" in the subject header. Your submission may be selected for publication on this website. Thank you!

Fax: 303-239-4491
Mailing address: Carolina Thomasson, DVOMB, 700 Kipling St., #1000, Denver, CO 80215
Shared Forms
    • Below are forms and suggestions by treatment providers. 
    • The Standards shall supersede any incorrect information inadvertently contained in the forms below.
    • If after reviewing them, you have specific questions regarding standards and compliance, please feel free to contact Jesse Hansen at