Domestic Violence Board Members and Staff

Board Members

Jackie Sievers 
Representing Rural Coordination of Criminal Justice & Victims Services

Vice Chair
Brandy Walega, LPC
Representing Urban Coordination of Criminal Justice and Victim Services 
 Amy Miller, MSW
Representing Domestic Violence Victims and Victims Organizations
Bonnie Mucklow, LMFT, LPC, CAC III 
Representing Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
Honorable Bradley A. Burback
Representing Judges
 Bradley Martin
Representing Private Criminal Defense Attorneys
Christine Flavia
Representing Department of Human Services 
Jenifer Morgen
Representing Judicial Department of Probation
  Jennifer Rivera
Representing Licensed Social Workers
 Megan Ring
Representing Public Defenders
Mervyn Davies, LPC, CAC III
Representing Licensed Professional Counselors
Michael Guevara
Representing the Department of Public Safety
  Nancy Olson
Representing Victim Services and Victim Organizations 
 Robert Segerstrom
Representing Licensed Psychologists 
 Sara Phelps
Representing Colorado Department of Corrections
 Shannon Gerhart
Representing Prosecuting Attorneys 
Sue Campbell, MA, CAC III
 Representing Unlicensed Mental Health Professionals 
Representing Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies
Representing Law Enforcement


 Jesse HansenProgram Coordinator(303) 239-4456
 Adrienne NuanesProgram Assistant (303) 239-4528
 Carolina ThomassonStandards Coordinator(303) 239-4536
 Kelli ReynoldsResearcher & Statistical Analyst(303) 239-4516